Omer Cayman ET Roller Speargun - MAP


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Omer Cayman ET Roller Speargun - MAP

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Omer's Cayman ET Roller has many innovations that make it unique

The barrel is aluminum with a cuttlefish profile and is equipped with two enclosed track rails placed above and below the barrel. The top rail is used as a standard ET or Enclosed Track and guides shafts equipped with shark fins from 6.5mm to 7mm.

In the lower part the guide features 3 fixed fins, where you can place the second wishbone of the bands. This important innovation, unique in its kind, allows the user to modify the power of the Roller at any time. It loads easily like a traditional speargun without the help of specific tools or charging systems.

The muzzle features 2 pulleys with glass spheres protected by an anti sand cage. Glass spheres allow for an enhanced performance over time and greatly improve resistance to axial loads developed by elastic tension. The hole in the head can fit one or two circular bands. The muzzle is also equipped with two front stabilizers to reduce the slightest recoil developed from the roller. On the sides of the pulleys there are two stainless guides to hold the line and to prevent contact with the rubber bands.

The handle features the Cayman mechanism made of stainless steel to ensure great sensitivity even under extreme load. The handle features a stainless steel eyelet with a carabiner and an extra ergonomical soft handle. On the side of the handle, there is a stainless steel ring where a bungee line can be inserted allowing the user to have a direct link rod to the buoy on the surface.

Comes with a shaft with three laser welded fins specifically designed for the use of Dyneema wishbones. The shaft also features an innovative stabilizer with a dual function - stabilize the shaft during its trajectory and act as a line clamp.


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