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The Vyper dive computer, by Suunto, is the next generation of wireless air integration and computer technology. It allows you to monitor your tank pressure and air consumption from your wrist or your console; you choose the location. Its 3-D compass will quickly become your new best friend; its ability to give a true reading, even at a 45 degree angle, will make keeping your heading easier than ever if you use enriched air, you can program the Vyper Novo for 3 gas mixtures in 1% increments for nitrox mixtures (21-99% oxygen). The Vyper Novo uses the Suunto Deep Stop RGBM algorithm that offers continuous decompression reading and offers an optimal ascent time. The goal of Suunto is to keep you safe; with that in mind, they included the deep stop option as part of the Vyper. The deep stop option includes additional stops between the diver's maximum depth and ceiling to allow divers to off gas safely while making an ascent. The computer has a 42 hour of diving logbook memory. The Viper has an enlarged segment matrix screen, excellent contrast and information with bigger and clearer digits for depth, no-decompression etc., and a new 4 button interface for easier more intuitive diver use. The Computer can be set for imperial (feet) or metric (meter) measurements. The Vyper has multiple dive modes including Air, Nitrox (up to 3 mixtures), Gauge, and Free Dive. 

The Vyper incorporates an improved easier to read display with an enlarged matrix screen that offers better contrast and readability. The modified design improves intuitiveness by integrating 4 button navigation - the same as the D-Series - as well as the more reliable D-Series pressure sensor. 


  • Free Dive Mode
  • Apnea Timer
  • Added 1 to 3 gases (up to 99% O2)
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free and Off
  • Battery housing reliability improved
  • Backlit display
  • Enlarged segment/matrix screen
  • Excellent contrast and information with bigger and clear digits (depth, no dec etc)
This is the same as the $449.95 Vyper except it is now available without the USB and rubber boot.

Transmitter for Suunto Wireless Air-Integrated computers

The Suunto Hoseless tank pressure transmitter gives you current tank pressure and remaining air time with just a glance at your wrist. Before your dive, simply pair the transmitter with your dive computer and you’re good to go. The transmitter’s handy green LED light lets you know that it’s on.

  • Compatible with Suunto air-integrated dive computers, including DX, D9tx,D6i, D4i, D9, Vyper Air, and HelO2
  • Monitor tank pressure and air consumption data wirelessly from dive computer
  • Green LED light indicates active data sending
  • Battery life approx. 2 years (100 dives/year)
Suunto PC Download Kit for Vyper & Zoop Computers
This interface cable allows you to connect your dive computer to Suunto's Dive Manager 5 (DM5). With the Suunto DM5 software it's easy to plan, transfer, and track your dives with your dive computer. And when you join, Suunto's online sports diary, you'll be able to share and compare your dives with other divers around the world too. It's compatible with both PC and Mac. Transfer your dive computer's logbook data to your laptop for detailed analysis and upload detailed dive plans from your laptop to your dive computer. Suunto DM5 is free to download and will be updated automatically when you are online. Before you begin a dive, you can easily plan dive profiles, gases, and back up plans on your laptop using DM5's detailed graphical planner and export them to your wristop dive computer.
Cable has been redesigned for faster download speed. Compatible with the new D series dive computers. D6i D4i D4f, Zoop and of course, the Vyper.
  • Allows Full Logbook Information Download
  • Eliminates Hand Written Logging
  • PC Compatible
  • Dive Profiles with Color Graphics
  • Helps Prove your Diving Experience 
Carry your computer in this protective pouch
Suunto Vyper Bungee Adaptor Kit
Strap it on quickly instead of the wrist strap
Protective Rubber Boot

Add the protection of a rubber boot surrounding the housing to prevent damage, scratches and cracks.

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